WIIFL: The Mars Landing of AI 😉

Unleashing the Unprecedented Potential of Custom Instructions

Discover the transformative power of Custom Instructions (CI) in AI and how it can cater to your specific needs and aspirations.


In the realm of AI, there’s a secret sauce that adds a unique flavor to my AI Leadership – Custom Instructions (CI). I’ve previously introduced you to this magical tool in my previous blog. But today, I’m here to share a Mars landing moment I experienced with CI, a journey of two epiphanic Eureka moments.

Just yesterday, I likened the innovation of CI to “not quite a moon landing”. But today, I stand corrected. It’s not just a moon landing; it’s a Mars landing. This humble recognition comes from a moment of frustration, a moment that illuminated the true genius of CI and took it way beyond what I had initially thought.My excuses to “Custom Instructions“ of ChatGPT: WIIFL Share on X

Setting the Scene: A Regular Morning with an Extraordinary Discovery

Picture this: A regular morning 5AM, outside a little foggy, birds chirping, and me at my desk sipping coffee, trying to keep up with the relentless pace of AI advancements. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming, like trying to drink from a firehose. It’s frustrating, especially for those who think it won’t go that fast. But let me tell you; it’s so fast that I can hardly keep up reading the lists of what I should read.

This frustration triggers my brain into its best “solution-finding mode” (SFM). When my brain gets overloaded, it stops working on the content and goes rogue, searching for a better way to do more with a lot less effort. It’s been doing this kind of stuff since I was a little boy, making me look a little “off the world”, and technology has often been my chosen solution.

Amidst this whirlwind, I stumble upon an intriguing article about a collaboration between Capgemini and Microsoft. It’s interesting, but I find myself asking, “What’s in it for me?” And that’s when the first light bulb goes off.

The First Eureka Moment: The Birth of WIIFL

Remembering the magic of Custom Instructions, I wonder, could I use CI to get a summary of this article, tailored to my needs and goals? The idea of “What’s In It For Me” transforms into “What’s In It For Luc” (WIIFL). Wiffel, a much easier term to pronounce than Wiffem, and a little bit of daddy humor.WIIFL: Remembering the magic of Custom Instructions from ChatGPT, I was wondering, could I use CI to get a summary of an article, tailored to my needs and goals? Share on X

With a mix of excitement and trepidation, I decide to test it out. I add a new command to my CI:

WIIFL followed by a URL: make a summary adapted to what I need, according to the information in these custom instructions (CI). If it’s without a URL, just summarize what we are talking about according to the information in these custom instructions so it becomes really practically adapted to my needs and goals.”

I save it, go to my prompt, write WIIFL followed by the URL of the Capgemini and Microsoft, hit enter, and wait a few seconds.

And then, it happens. ChatGPT responds as dreamed. It’s like an adrenaline rush, a moment of pure, unadulterated awe. It works like magic. It’s like watching a Mars landing.

Just retested it this morning (July 27)  on this article, “Australia must confront four megatrends that are causing rapid global disruption” after tweaking my WIIFL a little.

ChatGPT’s answered: (I copy it completely because those are the issues we all must be looking at) : 

Here’s a WIIFL summary of the article tailored to your needs and goals:

Megatrends Transforming the Global Landscape

  1. Rising inequality: This trend can present challenges for leadership, but also opportunities for those who understand and can address it. As a leader, encourage fair practices and utilize technology, particularly AI, to create more equitable opportunities.
  2. Climate change and resource scarcity: These urgent challenges can be harnessed as catalysts for innovation. Leaders who can steer their organizations towards sustainable practices with AI-driven solutions will be ahead of the curve.
  3. Technological transformation: This trend emphasizes the importance of embracing AI and digital technologies. As an experienced tech-focused leader, you can guide others on this journey, developing their adaptability and resilience.
  4. Demographic and social change: As societies evolve, so should leadership styles. Leverage your experience to teach leaders how to navigate these changes, fostering inclusivity and adaptability.

In conclusion, these megatrends present both challenges and opportunities for modern leaders. By encouraging ethical AI practices, promoting adaptability, and fostering resilience, you can guide others to successfully navigate this rapidly changing landscape. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity for growth and innovation.

The answer is completely adapted to my goals, setting the information in context for this “AI Leadership” I love to talk and write about.
By the way, it’s not only Australia that will have to confront those realities, but that’s what we are in for, aren’t we?

The Second Eureka Moment: The Emergence of LINKL and TWEETL

As I marvel at the magic of WIIFL, another idea strikes me. Could I use CI to create LinkedIn posts or tweets about this article, aligned with my unique perspective and voice? Thus, “LINKL” for a LinkedIn post, and “TWEETL” for a tweet are born, with the ‘L’ finding its origin in my brain’s way of dealing with diction and the difficulty of an ‘M’ after an ‘F’.

The Mars Landing: Custom Instructions in Action

The AI responds again showing the potential of CI, and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

Conclusion: The Genius of Custom Instructions

This is the genius of Custom Instructions. It’s not just about telling the AI what to do. It’s about crafting a unique dialogue, a personalized interaction that caters to your specific needs and aspirations. It’s about leveraging AI to enhance your skills, boost your adaptability, and achieve your financial goals.

Call to Action

So, here’s to the Mars landing moments. Here’s to the magic of Custom Instructions. And here’s to the exciting journey that lies ahead. Because with AI and CI, the sky is not the limit. Mars is just the beginning.

This is the version that is in my “Custom Instructions” this morning; I did put it at the end of the second part “How would you like ChatGPT to respond?”: enjoy the result:

WIIFL + URL = bullet, practical summary oriented towards my needs and goals, topics bold. Without URL, summarize our discussion similarly.
LINKL + URL = a LinkedIn post about the URL, aligned with CI. If a comment follows the URL, it’s the post’s main idea. No URL implies the topic is our recent exchanges.
LINKLB = same to promote my own linked Blog in TOVLUCPro
TWEETL = A tweet version of the above.”

It’s still a WIP, try it, and tell us your tweaks, how it works for you, Sharing is Caring.

Yours in AI