Hello, I’m Luc Deflem. As an adventurer in technology and explorer of the human spirit, it would be my honour to serve as your guide on an exhilarating journey to AI Leadership.

I’ve accumulated rich wisdom over four decades of leadership, coaching, and mentoring. Now, I extend a hand inviting you to join an extraordinary odyssey. On this journey, we will discover AI’s transformative power, innate resilience, and the remarkable impact you can create when these forces merge.

I’ve ventured through high peaks and deep valleys during my varied career.
Today I am a full-time consultant in digitalisation for ‘Digital Flanders: The digital Business partner for governments’, but before this, I was CEO of a large company comprising 1600 hearts and souls for 14 years, after which I explored the horizons of entrepreneurship. Unforeseen challenges emerged on my path, the COVID-19 pandemic being one notable example. However, amid these trials, I unearthed my resilience, honed my innovative spirit, and nurtured a passion for human growth.

Harnessing Technology

Technology has served as my tool for life. It extends my problem-solving abilities, fuels my creativity, and strengthens my human will. Now, I’m offering you a similar opportunity – to employ AI as a technology and a springboard for personal and professional growth.

Defining AI Leadership

What is the AI Leadership Community all about?
It’s the culmination of my life’s work, a movement intertwining technology and human resilience. However, it’s also your unwritten story, your destiny awaiting fulfilment. AI Leadership offers a chance to harness AI, no matter your life’s stage. It’s a leap toward a future yet envisioned.

AI Leadership isn’t merely about co-existing with AI. It’s about co-creating with it, welcoming it as an ally. This approach involves writing, learning, and growing with AI. My authentic perspectives, resilient spirit, and AI-powered insights will become evident as we journey together.

AI Leadership: A Global Community

Our goal with AI Leadership is to build a global community of pioneers. This movement centres around your personal growth, professional success, and the legacy you aspire to leave. We aim to equip you with tools, knowledge, and perspectives, transforming you into an AI Leader, a beacon of resilience and innovation for the future.

Yours in AI,