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The one responsible for AI ethics is the one in the mirror!

I invite you to explore a metaphor – if a piano produces a sour note, do we blame the instrument itself? Or the human playing it? This metaphor applies to AI and where ethical responsibility truly lies.

Just as a piano merely follows the guidance of whoever plays it, AI systems ultimately reflect the priorities and choices of their developers and users. So when ethical questions arise regarding AI, I argue we should look at us humans involved, not the technology itself.

Through balanced examples around autonomous vehicles, content moderation and more, I make the case that while AI capabilities enable new outcomes, human decisions drive ethical ramifications.

I call for each of us to reflect on how to apply AI thoughtfully through our individual choices and actions. And I emphasize the need for more education and open dialogues to work towards responsible progress in AI ethics.

The core message I want to spark is that when it comes to ethics in AI, the responsibility starts with each of us as individuals. Through mindful choices and cooperation, we can steer our AI future in an ethical direction.

I hope this piece ignites introspection on what we can do to take responsibility for guiding AI wisely. Please have a read and share your thoughts!

Yours in AI,


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The one responsible for AI ethics is the one in the mirror

The one responsible for AI ethics is the one in the mirror

Through the metaphor of a piano, this thought-provoking blog makes the case that responsibility for AI ethics lies not with the technology itself, but rather with the humans behind its development and use. Let’s approach AI thoughtfully, push for ethical policies, and work together towards outcomes that uplift humanity. The responsibility starts with each of us.

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