AI, a word of Caution

Dear Colleagues and Fellow AI Enthusiasts,

A word of caution amidst my enthusiasm

Reflecting on the fascinating yet complex landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI). A word of caution!

I’m reminded of an intriguing piece of history. In the era of emerging mechanized transport, the UK’s Locomotive Act of 1865 required any self-propelled vehicle to be preceded by a person carrying a red flag, walking at least 60 yards ahead. This was a safeguard, a symbol of caution amidst a time of transformative technological change.


AI, a word of Caution

Today, as we navigate the rapid advancements in AI, this historical ‘red flag’ takes on a new, metaphorical meaning. It serves as a reminder that as we push boundaries and pioneer new AI technologies, we must also uphold a sense of caution and responsibility. Whether you’ve previously joined our discussions or are stepping into this space for the first time, I invite you to explore the manifold aspects of AI with us.

Our topic today – the potential of AI to inadvertently amplify misinformation, or ‘fake news’ – embodies this dichotomy between innovation and responsibility. This occurs through two key phenomena.

Garbage In, Garbage Out

Within the vast realm of artificial intelligence, where innovation and imagination converge, we encounter a humorous yet thought-provoking concept: SISO, or “Stupid in, stupid out.” This whimsical twist on the familiar “Garbage In, Garbage Out” effect highlights the importance of data quality in a lighthearted manner.

Picture this: AI, like a mischievous jester, faithfully reflects the quality of the data it receives. If we feed it nonsensical or erroneous information, it gleefully responds in kind, spinning out outputs that are equally nonsensical or erroneous. It’s as if we handed AI a comic book full of absurdity, and it reciprocates with a dazzling performance of intellectual gymnastics. Ah, the jests AI can play when confronted with SISO!

But amidst the laughter, there lies a profound truth. SISO reminds us that the quality of our data sets the stage for the performance of AI. To witness its true potential, we must provide it with reliable, accurate information, sparing ourselves from the folly of SISO-induced hallucinations.

So, let us embrace this whimsical notion and strive for “Smart in, smart out” instead. By feeding AI with knowledge, wisdom, and integrity, we unleash its transformative power to enhance our lives and shape the future. With a touch of humor and a commitment to data quality, we can turn the tables on SISO and embark on a journey where intelligent insights reign supreme.

Inference Over Accuracy

In the grand tapestry of artificial intelligence, there exists yet another fascinating facet that adds to the allure of this ever-evolving field: the phenomenon of “Inference Over Accuracy.” It’s like watching a trivia enthusiast eagerly taking a leap of faith and making an educated guess when faced with an unanswered question. In the realm of AI, this delightful tendency to fill in the blanks and venture into the realm of speculation is what I affectionately refer to as the “iidkii” approach: “If I Don’t Know, I Invent”.

Oh, the delightful dance of AI, faithfully replicating and estimating, reflecting our collective quest for knowledge. These dual facets, intertwined like the yin and yang, create an intriguing paradox that demands our attention. As we navigate the frontiers of AI advancements, we must raise a metaphorical ‘red flag’ to remind us of the critical importance of data accuracy.

Responsable AI Leaders

In my writings on AI Leadership, one principle stands out: Responsibility. We cannot claim to be leaders without embracing this crucial role. Many have discussed this before, and many more will in the future. Yet, the importance of this metaphorical ‘red flag’ remains ever relevant. It should not stifle our enthusiasm but rather make us more cognizant of the need for caution and precision. AI’s limitations and potential hallucinations should not stifle our enthusiasm but rather make us more cognizant of the need for caution and precision. Click To Tweet


As we shape the narrative and steer the course of AI, let’s remember we’re all part of this journey. Just as the pedestrians of the past carried their red flags ahead of self-propelled vehicles, we too should bear our ‘flags’ – embodying caution, responsibility, and foresight as we navigate the AI landscape, one step at a time.

Looking forward to our continued exploration of AI. Stay curious, engaged, and responsible!

Yours in AI


P.S.: In the spirit of transparency and respect for intellectual property, I wanted to acknowledge the source of the image in the this text. Contrary to usual practice, it’s not self-created with Midjourney. The image, titled “Lord Winchelsea’s red flag.”, was found online. If anyone knows the original creator, please let us know so we can properly attribute it.


Reflecting on the complexities of AI, I invite you to consider the metaphorical ‘red flag’ of caution and responsibility. As we explore AI’s potential to inadvertently amplify misinformation through two phenomena – “Garbage In, Garbage Out” and “Inference Over Accuracy” – the importance of feeding AI accurate data from the start becomes clear. In our roles as AI leaders, we must embody caution, responsibility, and foresight as we navigate the AI landscape. Stay curious, engaged, and responsible!