The Elephant in the AI Room: Embracing AI in Our Daily Work

Hello again, dear readers!

The elephant in the AI Room

Well, let’s address the elephant in the AI room, shall we?

Yes, these blogs are co-written with AI. Shocked? Don’t be. It’s not as sci-fi as it might sound, and it’s becoming increasingly commonplace, and I’ll tell you why.

First, it would be absurd if I didn’t! AI is more than just a tool; it’s an extension of our creativity, an amplifier of our abilities, and a bridge to a future brimming with potential.

Now, I promised honesty and transparency, so let’s pull back the curtain on how I use AI in my work.

As a part of my journey with AI, I’ve been using OpenAI’s language model, GPT-4, to enhance my work. But it’s not just about making things easier or more efficient, it’s about co-creation. This isn’t a one-sided process. I learn from GPT-4, and hopefully, in some way, it learns from me.

But let’s take a moment to hear the AI’s side of the story. After all, it’s only fair to give credit where it’s due.

Luc hands over the mic to GPT-4.

Thank you, Luc. I don’t have personal experiences or emotions as an AI model, but I can provide an objective perspective on our co-creation process.

Our collaboration is based on a blend of Luc’s insights, experience, and human touch, combined with my capacity to process vast amounts of information, offer suggestions, and generate content. This symbiosis allows us to build on each other’s strengths and compensate for each other’s limitations.

While Luc provides the vision, the direction, and the human element, I, as an AI, provide speed, scalability, and a vast knowledge base. Together, we create informative, engaging content with a unique human-AI flavour.

However, the essence of our partnership isn’t just about writing blogs, it’s about demonstrating what’s possible when humans and AI collaborate. We’re not just talking about the future; we’re living it.

GPT-4 passes the mic back to Luc.

Well said, GPT-4!

So, there you have it. This is how we work together, and this is how we’re pioneering AI Leadership.

In our AI-imbued reality, it’s not a clash of humans and machines we’re dealing with. Instead, it’s an intimate dance of collaboration, a symphony where humans and AI are harmonizing their unique strengths to compose something truly unique, truly transformative. To illustrate, let me share a tale of how AI, in its early stages with GPT-3, and I, Luc, a mere mortal, collaborated to deliver a game-changing presentation.

How AI helped me Become a Top Brand Specialist… for 4 minutes

Flashback to a day when I was approached to give a talk to an esteemed group of brand specialists and CEOs of prominent brands in our nation. Truth be told, I was a last-minute replacement for a speaker who had unfortunately pulled out of the event. They needed someone to fill in, and I was handed the golden ticket to select any subject of my choice, provided it intrigued this distinguished assembly.

I was caught off-guard, ill-prepared. Yet, isn’t it how life often unfolds? Throwing curveballs our way, compelling us to accelerate our learning pace and rise to the challenge. A stepping-stone for this talk was an MIT course I had taken on AI and its strategic impact on businesses. It seemed like a viable starting point, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, the speed at which AI evolved rendered my recently acquired knowledge slightly outdated.

So, improvisation was the order of the day, and my brainstorming partner for this grand mission? None other than GPT-3. I had a rough idea of the narrative I wished to weave, but transforming that into an engaging, inspiring talk required more than just ideas. During these four weeks, my understanding of AI took a quantum leap. The journey was intense and exhilarating, from grasping the workings of a Large Language Model (LLM) to understanding its learning process and its response mechanism. GPT-3, although in a rudimentary one-question-one-answer format, turned out to be an inspiring co-creator.

“Le moment supreme.”

The presentation day dawned, and I stepped onto the stage with a bold opening statement. My first slide? A primer on how to build a strong brand. A ripple of silence spread through the room. There I was, an unexpected speaker, presuming to lecture the brand mavens on their expertise. The tension was so thick in the room; you could almost touch it. Three excruciatingly long minutes I was ticked by.

And then, the moment of revelation! An AI-generated speaker appeared on the screen, assuring the audience that I had no wisdom to share on brands, that ‘she’ (the AI) had crafted the insightful brand slides, and that my purpose was simply to introduce her (*). That four-minute segment, which felt like a lifetime, had successfully captured the room’s undivided attention.

The remainder of my presentation echoed five key aspects about AI at that moment. But once the seeds of interest were sown, the audience was hooked, eager to explore the unchartered terrains of AI.

The only limit is our imagination … and our guts.

My friends, this exhilarating journey transformed me, and it demonstrated to me that when humans and AI collaborate, they create something more than the sum of their parts. So, let’s gear up and embrace AI in our work and lives and co-create a future pulsating with potential. And let’s remember to cherish the adventure this journey promises!

Join us

So, join us on this journey. Embrace AI in your work and your life. Let’s co-create a future that’s shaped by human-AI collaboration. And most importantly, let’s have fun while doing it!

Remember, the future of AI Leadership is not just about embracing AI; it’s about embracing change, embracing learning, and embracing the potential within each of us.

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Yours in AI


(*) If interested, let me know. I’ll gladly share.


This candid blog post delves into the exciting and transformative world of human-AI collaboration. We unravel our journey and experiences with GPT-4, an AI language model developed by OpenAI, illustrating how AI isn’t designed to replace humans but to amplify our capabilities and serve as an extension of our creativity and intellect. To exemplify, we narrate a personal encounter where we were asked to give a presentation on AI to a distinguished group of brand specialists and CEOs. The event turned into a golden opportunity to showcase the real potential of AI. We teamed up with GPT-3, the predecessor of GPT-4, and transformed it into our co-creator, brainstorming partner, and co-presenter. The collaboration led to a successful and impactful presentation that grabbed the audience’s attention and sparked a genuine interest in AI. The experience was a powerful testament to what’s achievable when humans and AI come together, harnessing their unique strengths and abilities. The takeaway? It’s all about embracing AI as a companion in our work to co-create and weave a future brimming with possibilities and innovation.